Many of Phoebe Palmer's most memorable 
pieces are available in vividly colored laser
prints signed by the artist.The print is 
packaged with a foam core backing in a
crystal clear sleeve.  The price of $30
includes shipping.
Printed on 12"  80 lb. Endeavor paper, 
the image size varies with the proportions
of the piece.  When you click the thumbnail
you will get the title and size  and order options.

 Safe, secure Paypal buy-now buttons are finally being installed so you can pay with a credit card. Sorry about procrastinating. If the item you want doesn't have it's button yet just e-mail me and I'll do it pronto,
High quality notecards made with a photo reprint and suitable for framing are available for $3.00 each. No charge for shipping. To order 6, 9, or 12 cards with a credit card click the links below. 6 cards for $18, 9 cards for $25, 12 cards for $30 To order 6 or more notecards with a check, print out the order form, and mail with a check.


 POSTER: the archetypal (and infamous) poster, "Polyester Lovers", is based  
        on an erotic  temple sculpture in Ajanta, India.  Size is 36" x 24".
         Available for $30 (shipping included).  

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